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Ep. 20 – Atlas Shrugged: Pt. 1 / CHC – Guy Maddin / Baghead / Our Top 25 Movies of All Time: 25-21

April 17th, 2011


We are proud to present our Twentieth Episode! Thanks for listening. On this massive and action-packed show, Josh and Joey review the highly-anticipated Atlas Shrugged: Part One. The (in)famous 1957 Ayn Rand novel has finally made it to the screen... Can Paul Johansson's adaptation live up to its source, or does the film go *cough* off the track? (Other questions include: Why is Dagne looking right into the camera in that photo? And just who the hell is John Galt, anyway?)

Co-Host Challenge Time! This week, Joey assigns Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. We'll check out his 2003 farce/romp/thing starring Mark McKinney, The Saddest Music in the World. Then we'll scratch our heads, adjust our glasses and turn to Maddin's autobiographical documentary and tribute to his hometown, My Winnipeg (2007).

That's not even the half of it, folks. We'll talk about Baghead, directed by the Duplass brothers, in the tenth and final installment of the Moviefraud Mumblecore Moment. What happens when you mix horror and mumbling? Mutterscare! Then your hosts recap the MMM with a list of their favorite mumbler movies, actors and directors. (There is Too Much Gerwig on this list. I mean, seriously. Give another girl a chance to be in these movies, Greta. You don't own the market.)

The best part of this episode, however, is the announcement and launch of Our Top Twenty-Five Movies of All Time. We'll count down numbers 25 through 21, replete with resplendent clips.

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Music: The Head and the Heart, "Lost in My Mind" / "Down in the Valley"


Ep. 19: Win Win / Of Gods and Men / Co-Host Challenge – Bollywood / Humpday

April 3rd, 2011


Writer/director Thomas McCarthy's Win Win launches the career of newcomer Alex Shaffer, and gives Josh another chance to understand the appeal of Paul Giamatti. Then we'll discuss Of Gods and Men, directed by Xavier Beauvois, a new film depicting the life of one group of monks in terror-laden Algeria. Keeping with the international theme, Moviefraud then travels to India and England with this week's Co-Host Challenge: Bollywood (1995's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). Finally, we'll wrap the show with a discussion (and awkward meta-discussion) of Lynn Shelton's exploration of one friendship between two men, Humpday, as part of the Moviefraud Mumblecore Moment.

Music: Pinback, "Syracuse"/ "Tripoli"