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Ep. 25: Our Top 5 Holiday Movies / Almodóvar Estudio – Broken Embraces / Year-End Best-Of Blow-Out

December 27th, 2009


Josh and Evan liven up your post-Christmas blues by sharing their Top Five Holiday Films, complete the first assignment from their Almodóvar Estudio by discussing Broken Embraces,  and offer a fond farewell to 2009 with their Year End Best-Of Blow-Out.

Music: Manu Chao - "Mentira" / Nada Surf - "Blankest Year"


Ep. 24: Avatar / Our Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies / Fall Horror Series Wrap – Cannibal Holocaust

December 20th, 2009


The guys bring in guest host Scott Steussy to discuss James Cameron's long-awaited magnum opus, Avatar, and count down their Top Five Science Fiction movies. Then Josh and Evan wrap up their Fall Horror Series with a pained discussion of Cannibal Holocaust.

Music: Ken Flagg, "Pieces" / Richard O'Brien, "Science Fiction, Double Feature" (Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack)


Ep. 23: A Serious Man / Precious / Fall Horror Series Pt. 4 – Caché

December 5th, 2009


For their 23rd episode, the guys study the Coen Brothers’ most personal film to date, A Serious Man, delve into Lee Daniels’ Precious, and attempt to decipher Michael Haneke’s Caché for the fourth installment of their Fall Horror Series.

Music: Yoko Casionos, "Gave it Away" / Neil Young, "Heart of Gold"